Zakat Calculator

Our wealth is given by Allah and it becomes our responsibility to share our privilege and excess wealth with those that are not so fortunate. Zakat is how we do that. The word Zakat relates to cleanliness, growth, blessing and praise and is important because it benefits both the individual, those they support and the society. Zakat is both a physical and a spiritual act.

We want to make working out your Zakat as easy and as quick as it should be. Which is why we’ve included a handy calculator for your ease and convenience.

Use our UK calculator below to determine how much Zakat to pay this year. If you wish to donate to us, you can use the link below the calculator. This link will take you to our Charites Aid Foundation site where you can leave a secure donation.

Zakat Caculator

Bank Saving
Use lowest amount held for 1 year

+ Gold & Silver
Monetary value

+ Money owed to you
Deposits, loans you made

+ Resale value of shares, stocks, bonds, etc.


2.5 % of zakat

Helping Education
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