About Us.

Our Goals.

To provide and deliver services that are flexible, accessible, and promote choice and independence.

To provide multicultural services that take account of an individual's background.

To reduce stigma within communities and overcome the barriers that affect people with visual impairments.

To reduce social isolation and improve the health and wellbeing of an individual.

To raise awareness of issues that affect people with visual impairment.

To support carers and families to provide information, advice, and access for people with disabilities.

Dedicated to providing support to people with visual impairments.

Association of Blind Asians is a charitable organisation based in the City of Leeds that is dedicated to providing support to people with visual impairments from BAME communities, as well as their carers and their families. Since the ABA was first founded in 1989, we have catered to the needs of countless people living with visual impairments, helping them to lead more fulfilling and independent lives by offering the right support when it’s needed.

By reaching out to those who can often slip through the cracks, we make sure that people with visual impairments get the right access to the services they are entitled to. This can include arranging hospital and GP appointments on their behalf, assisting with benefit claims for them or their carer, or filling out advocacy forms.

We also work closely with third sector organisations, as well as health and social care services, to offer a wide range of free services to help build confidence and improve our service users’ quality of life. These range from workshops, social events, one-to-one home visits, educational support, and much more to promote independent living and improved wellbeing for our service users.

Our Funders

Our Funders

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