Working With Organisations

How We Work With Organisations.

Find out the ways that working with different organisations can help ABA Leeds provide the best possible service for the BAME community.

Working Together.

Corporate Organisations.

Why not make a difference by supporting our work to improve the lives of visually impaired people? We need help with funding and fundraising. Getting your staff involved encourages team building, learning, and development. This could be your way of giving back to the community.

Commissioning Bodies.

We aim to raise awareness of visual impairment and to encourage everyone to talk more openly about it. We wish to promote the significance of sight loss, and the impact it has on people. For us to succeed, we require continued financial assistance from commissioning bodies.

Health Care Professionals.

We strive as an organisation on building and sustaining partnerships with professionals. Support in this area would help us develop good referral pathways.

Some of our Key Achievements:

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Our Funders

Our Funders

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