Youth Programme

About The Project


The Youth Programme at ABA is funded by BID Services Sensory Support Service and is for any visually impaired, BAME, aged 18-30 person living in Leeds. It consists of the Youth Forum, trips, skills sessions, and casual socials. This programme aims to promote well-being, personal development, independence and belonging.


Taking place every second and fourth week of the month, we will be hosting a variety of social events, ranging from sensory board game sessions, adapted sports, local walking trips, visits to live music shows, meals out, and more.

Youth Forum

Held every third Thursday of the month, ABA’s Youth Forum is a virtual space for those who are visually impaired and of an ethnic minority, between 18-30 years old, to meet, socialise and talk about issues in their community. It is currently completely Leeds-based.

Skills Sessions:

On the first week of each month we will be hosting a skills session which will be decided by our members. We hope to cover topics such as employability, well-being, education, benefits and more.

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