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About The Project

We aim to reach out to our culturally diverse group of service users who are visually impaired.

The purpose of the Boithak reading group is to engage service users with engaging conversation, building confidence and self-esteem.

The Boithak project brings together many different communities to share their own traditional traits, views, and opinions.

The Boithak Project consists of four different reading groups in four different areas of Leeds which will run once a month.

Reading groups will be based around different language groups each week such as Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, and Gujarati.

Our reading group is bustling with new information, such as reading and sharing poems, short stories, and jokes including the latest news from newspapers and magazines.

Four women in a room. Two are having a conversation in the background whilst the two at the front are looking in a book together.

Boithak Sessions:

Bengali Reading Group.

On the first Friday of the month,

7:00 PM.

Fredrick Hurdle Day Centre Reginald Terrace, LS7 3EZ.

Urdu Reading Group.

On the second Wednesday of the month,

11:00 AM.

Armley Library,

2 Stocks Hill, LS12 1UQ.

Gujarati Reading Group.

11:00 AM

Burley Lodge Centre,

42 Burley Lodge Road, LS6 1QF.

Punjabi Group.

On the fourth Friday of the month,

11:00 AM.

Mary Sunley House,
Banstead Street LS8 5RU.

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Our Funders

Our Funders

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