Our Awards.

Our Awards

ABA Leeds are proud of the work we do offering support to the BAME community, and we're always looking for new ways that we can help. We are continuously receiving recognition for our efforts, which we appreciate. Here is an overview of some of our recent awards:

ABA Accepting the Duke of York's Community Initiative award.

Duke of York's Community Initiative Award

The award is recognition of the hard work and commitment from ABA’s members, volunteers, and staff. The citation for ABA stated that “ABA is an exemplar of how an activity initially created to meet a ‘single issue’ demand can grow and develop into a comprehensive support system for people of all ages, and increasingly all communities. ABA turns people`s lives around and gives them independence in their own homes.”

Global Good Award for Best Individual Community Project

ABA was awarded the prestigious award in 2018 for our project titled ‘Roshni – The Light’. A judge stated that the project was an “excellent example of how a charity uses all the resources available within the community and looks at the person holistically, not just providing help and support around vision impairment but services that improve quality of life.”

NGO Leadership Award

Our organisation, Association of Blind Asians (ABA) won the ‘NGO Leadership Award’ at the World CSR Conference in Mumbai, India. ABA was recognised with this award for its committed service to the South Asian communities with visual impairments outside India.

Our Funders

Our Funders

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