Working closely in the community to promote independence and empowerment to help the visually impaired lead more fulfilling lives.

How We Make A Difference.

Our Mission.

ABA aims to provide various services and support for diverse communities which enrich the lives of our service users and empower them. We ensure that the support and services we deliver are flexible and accessible for all visually impaired people within diverse communities by regularly listening to feedback from our service users. We strive to promote choice and independence while reducing stigma and overcoming barriers that people with visual impairments often face.

We also offer services to reduce social isolation and improve an individual’s health and well-being. We take part in events to raise awareness of issues that affect people with sight loss in diverse communities and aim to be both informative and supportive.

We provide support to carers and families of the visually impaired, offering advice, helpful information, and more. Our goal is to provide support, advocacy, and access to services for all those across Leeds affected by sight loss in diverse communities to improve lives and promote independence.

What Matters.

Losing your sight can be a frightening and isolating experience that can change your whole world. Everyone deserves to have access to the proper support and resources during this difficult and life-changing experience. At The Association of Blind Asians, we are committed to ensuring that no one in diverse communities slips through the cracks.

We understand that everyone’s situation is unique, so we aim to tailor our support to suit each individual’s needs to improve their well-being, build confidence, and promote independence.

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Our Funders

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