Access to Work

Access to Work.

Access to Work is a government scheme that could help you if you have a disability and you are struggling to stay in work. You can get a range of different support including grants for travel and assistive technology, a support worker or job coach, and even mental health support. At ABA Leeds we can assist you in your application if you're struggling. Feel free to reach out to us below.

Who is Eligible?

To access the scheme, you must:

  • have a physical or mental health condition or disability that means you need support to do your job or get to and from work
  • be 16 or over
  • be in paid work (or be about to start or return to paid work in the next 12 weeks)
  • live and work (or be about to start or return to work) in England, Scotland or Wales


You cannot get Access to Work support for voluntary work.


You can get Access to Work alongside most benefits you may already receive. You can get Access to Work and Employment and Support Allowance at the same time if you work less than 16 hours a week.

Sensory Impairments and Access to Work.

If you are visually or hearing impaired there are a variety of ways Access to Work could help you to retain your job. This could include providing:

  • BSL interpreters, lip speakers or note takers
  • adaptations to your vehicle so you can get to work
  • taxi fares to work or a support worker if you cannot use public transport
  • a support worker or job coach to help you in your workplace
  • awareness training for your colleagues
  • adaptations to premises and equipment
  • special aids and equipment


Some people with sensory impairments can also get communication assistance for job interviews specifically. You can use this service if you:

  • are Deaf or hard of hearing and need a British Sign Language interpreter or lipspeaker
  • have a physical or mental health condition or learning difficulty and need communication support


You can apply if you have an interview for paid work coming up, but not for previous job interviews where you may have paid for communication support yourself. 

Mental Health and Access to Work.

You can get support to manage your mental health (diagnosed or undiagnosed) at work, which might include:

  • a tailored plan to help you get or stay in work
  • one-to-one sessions with a mental health professional


This support may include help with: learning coping mechanisms, building resilience, working with your employer to make adjustments to help your mental health at work, and practical advice to support your mental health conditions.

Support can be accessed through one of two providers: Able Futures or Remploy.

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