Pledge-maker badge with strapline

Women Friendly Leeds Recruiter

After an insightful visit to the Women Friendly Leeds Employability Fair in July 2022, we made the pledge to consistently continue to support the women who use our services and who work with us.  As part of this we intend to constantly reflect on our own practices in order to improve the way we support women.


Our pledge (also pictured below) reads:

“ABA Leeds pledge to always provide the women who use our services with support that is tailored to them and which is adaptive to their needs. We also pledge to support the women who work for us, constantly striving to understand and meet their needs.”



We have also signed up to the Women Friendly Recruiter Toolkit, which has given us insight into considerations to be made when recruiting, specifically what to consider when screening a woman’s CV, interviewing women and selecting candidates. This is a continuous process of development and learning but we’re excited to become an organisation dedicated to the Toolkit.


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