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Royal Mail – Articles for the Blind

Royal Mail scheme to help blind and visually impaired customers

At Royal Mail, we’re committed to our customers – and to offering services that bring people and communities closer together.

Articles for the Blind is a scheme for blind and visually impaired customers who are registered as blind under the provisions of the National Assistance Act 1948. We also include people whose standard of close-up vision, with spectacles of N12 or less as certified by an ophthalmologist, doctor or ophthalmic optician.

The scheme is a free, 1st Class or International Standard service designed to support blind and visually impaired people as well as the charities that work hard to improve their lives. It works by waiving postage (first class only) for sending:

  • books, printed materials, letters, relief maps
  • audio and electronic media
  • equipment such as magnifiers and mobility aids

These items can be sent as:

  • 1st Class letter, large letter or parcel
  • International Standard letters

To send items under the scheme, simply write ‘ARTICLES FOR THE BLIND’ on the front of the envelope and the sender’s name and address clearly on the reverse of the envelope. Leave your mail open or make sure it’s easy to open for inspection. If the contents are fragile, you can get permission from us to seal your package, please call us on 0345 607 6140 to confirm. Alternatively, you can take your item to your local Post Office where it can be checked and sealed by the counter staff. You can also obtain a proof of posting this way.

Mail must be addressed to the blind or visually impaired person at that address. Items that are addressed to “The Occupier” or “Dear Customer” etc. and not a named recipient cannot be sent under this scheme. It should be sent as normal, paid-for mail.

Full information on Articles for the Blind


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