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What type of support do we provide?sa

At ABA we provide number of different support methods. 

Home visits are conducted for the assessment to understand the type of support needed by the service user. We create a support plan following the individual assessment and follow it up from 3 to 6 months depending on the support needed.

We provide one to one support / emotional support – as and when needed. We undertake regular review meetings with all our current service users to update ourselves and our records with their current needs. We work very closely with RO`s (Rehabilitation Officers) and work towards achieving the objectives listed in support plan. We offer to attend Eye Appointments along with the service users to help them understand the nature of the eye problem and for their support so the client does not feel intimidated / overwhelmed with the number of medicines or eye surgeries they are asked to undergo.

We also hold support groups/walk in sessions on a weekly basis, open to all service users who seek help to attend. For more information on our groups, click hereas

Roshni Project

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Project Sahara

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Carer`s Project

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My Guide Project

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The Blind Can Dance

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