The Blind Can Dance

The Blind can Dance, delivered in partnership with Nia Yorkshire and other BME organisations.  Project was launched in June 2011. It offer specially designed exercise which can be done standing or sitting. These activities improve and help to develop flexibility, agility, mobility, stability and strength.

This project is held in different community centres such as:

Hamara Healthy living Centre Leeds

Leeds Jewish Welfare Trust Board

Irish Health and Homes

Hindu Temple

ABA Luncheon club



The project provided 60 specialised sessions in BME communities with visual impairments:


Hamara Healthy living Centre Leeds

A Group of Learning disability (Halo) at Hamara Is registered with Nia Dance Project. The group is consisting of 20 members and the age range varies. In this group Nia provided Following:

22 sessions

In 22 weeks

Every week 8 to 10 people took part in it.


Leeds Jewish Welfare Trust

A group of 9 senior citizens were registered with Nia Dance. In this group we provided following:

15 weeks

15 sessions

Every week 5 to 7 people took part in it.

One member is partially sighted, one of them has Glaucoma.


Irish Health and Homes 

20 members registered with Nia Dance.  In this group Nia Dance provided following:

10 sessions

In 10 weeks

19 to 18people take part every week

One participants has registered blind


ABA Luncheon club

A group of 15 members were registered with Nia Dance. This group is consisting of Blind and partially sighted members. Group Nia Dance provided the following:

5 sessions

In 5 weeks

Every week 12 to 15 people take part

Group members are registered partially sighted and blind


Hindu Temple

29 member of community are registered with Nia Dance. Participants’ age range varies. In this group we provided:

10 sessions.

In 10weeks.

Every week 23-12 people take part.

One member is partially sighted.

After session assessment were made to investigate about their body movements.

Initial Assessment:

On assessment sheet, Skelton of human body is showed and following question are asked and told to please circle around area where there is pain such as tightness or a blocked movement.

Second Assessment:

On same sheet second assessment is made and inquired how do they are feeling after these 10 sessions.



Feed back

I have diabetes, due to this I feel numbness in my both legs and it blocked movement around my shoulder. After taking part in this activity. I felt better movement in my shoulder muscles. Enjoy taking part and feels relaxed and light afterwards.

I have tightness at my right hip, blocked movement and pain at my left shoulder.After taking part I have better movement in my shoulder and feel light. Hip feels bit better after session but still I have tightness and pain. I always wait for the next week.

I have stroke which resulted in blocked movement and tightness at my right hand side and feel  hard to use my hand for my daily needs? After taking part it has developed better movement, less tightness and blocked movement in my hand and arm, can manage to use my hand to peal orange, hold a mug and can use my hand to feed myself in better way. And want to continue this exercise.

I have pain and tightness in my chest because I am asthmatic. I have pain at my hip and have blocked movement at my both knees.

Afterward’s I feel relaxed, light. Most importantly enjoy doing exercise in the group.  


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