Carer`s Project

Our Carer`s project started Since May 2016 and ended in March 2017 , this project was funded by Time to shine.

This was a short term project funded for 10 months. The Aim of this project was to help and support carers, giving information about local services and projects working with carer`s.

We managed to do four groups of carer`s course in total. First two groups were 12 weeks courses one day a week three hour session. Third and fourth group was a six weeks course one day a week, three hour session each day.

In this course we chose to do a different topic each week, the topics we carried out included:

Introduction to caring, "Carers Leeds" came to talk about their support and services available for carer`s,

Sighted guiding, a representative from Guide dogs came to show and talk about how to guide a visual impaired person,

Healthy eating, where a health trainer presented a presentation on healthy eating and balance diet. The health trainer also handed out information packs, and took part in one to one advice sessions.

Rehabilitation Team from adult social care, informing about their services, diabetes UK, Dementia and Alzheimer talking and giving in depth information in regards to this diseases.

Our Funders