Roshni Project

The project is set to offer a wide range of services which will allow service users to have access to advocacy support, and important information/guidance.

Roshni project runs weekly drop-in sessions in the Harehills , Beeston and Headingly areas of Leeds. These sessions are very important and beneficial to our service users, not only due to receiving support, but for having the opportunity to socialise with other`s which could improve their wellbeing and mental health.

Roshni drop-in sessions frequently feature exercise classes for service users. From yoga to dance, these sessions are adapted to the needs of the people who use our services. We also provide information on healthy living, with a special focus on eye health. Our partners often deliver relaxation sessions or alternative therapies for service users.

For more information on dates and times for the weekley Roshni drop in sessions, Please click here

Weekly Roshni drop in sessions


Workshops and Activities

One to one support

Supporting and advising clients, carers and families to overcome barriers of sight loss.

We can help you find out what services are available to help you live well with sight loss. We can also help you plan any changes that you might need to make.

If you would like support to get out of your home and engage with the community, then our My Guide project may be suitable for you.

Please call the office on 0113 210 3347 to arrange an appointment.

Advocacy support

Advocacy support includes assisting service users to appointments, help with filling forms in, home visits, drop in sessions, and helping people to communicate effectively.

There may be times when you want ABA staff to speak on your behalf, or to help you make yourself understood when dealing with different organisations.

If you`d like to access advocacy support, you can speak to a support worker at one of the Roshni project drop-ins, or you can contact the office on 0113 210 3347 to make an appointment.

We work closely with statutory and voluntary organisions in Leeds to ensure all options of support are available.

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